The Noeme

Noemes function as creative agents, attractors, which facilitate the self-organisation of a technological society towards reaching 'The Common Good' (indefinite survival)

FROM WIKIPEDIA: The noeme is a term coined in 2011 by biogerontologist Marios Kyriazis, and it denotes a "combination of a distinct physical brain function and that of an outsourced virtual one". A noeme is the intellectual "networked presence" of an individual within the global brain, a meaningful synergy between each individual human, their social interactions and artificial agents, globally connected to other noemes through digital communications technology.


Kyriazis further clarifies that: "...The noeme is structurally coupled with its medium, i.e. the computer/internet. It continuously generates its own organisation and specifies its operation and content. As a self-organising system it adjusts to external influences and reinvents itself in order to adapt to its environment i.e. it reproduces (self-replicates) horizontally in a process that can be termed 'noemic reproduction'. This digital intellectual manifestation of a person, if successful, will lead to others copying it, thus noemes are replicating... A noeme is not just a collection of single ideas or solitary intellectual achievements. It is the total sum of all individual cognitive efforts and active information-sharing accomplishments of a person, the intellectual standing of a person within the Global brain.

The noeme (Nt) is a dynamic, time-dependent amalgam of a person (P), the total number of webpages (W) that person is connected to, and the associated links (L) i.e. connections as a function of time (t), which give rise to an entity with emergent characteristics. This entity is described by:

N(t) = P.S +L (t).U       {1}

Here, S is the ‘strength’ of presence denoted by

S=c+ec+r                          {2}

where c is the consistency of the online username

ec is the expressive content of webpages, and

r is the online credibility,

and U is the ‘unity’ of the connections over time, denoted by:  

U= fc.m.r(t)                               {3}         


fc is the frequency of connection

m is the meaningfulness of connection, and

r(t) is the  repeatability of the connections over time


Evolutionary Replicators and the Global Brain

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