The genetics of ageing and how our biology is changing in response to technological environments

09 00 Marios Kyriazis, Introduction and setting the scene

09 30 Yiannis Laouris, (Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute): Cybernetic concepts

10 00 Prodromos Philippou (Consultant Urological Surgeon Apollonion Private Hospital): Hypogonadism and fertility

10 30 Atanu Chatterjee (Researcher, Complex Systems, Indian Institute of Technology): Self-organising systems, emergence

11 00 Kostandinos Voskarides (Molecular Medicine Research Center, University of Cyprus): Genetic elements in human evolution

11 30 Αndreas Pitsillides (Professor of Computer Science, University of Cyprus): Internet of Things

12 00 Discussion

12 30 Lunch Break (sponsored by International Antiaging Systems)

14 00 Shima Beigi (Faculty of Engineering, University of Bristol): Complex Adaptive Technical and Social Systems

14 30 Kyriakos Felekkis (Department of Life & Health Sciences, University of Nicosia) Small non-coding RNAs (microRNAs) in Ageing

15 00 Franco Cortese (Research Scientist, ELPIs Foundation for Indefinite Lifespans): Induced Cell Turnover

15 30 Joshua Mitteldorf (Evolutionary Biologist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Evolution in Ecosystems

16 00 Cadell Last (Evolutionary Scientist, The Global Brain Institute): The end of biological reproduction

16 30 Discussion

17 00 Close

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