Fine tuning of the mechanisms that can lead to radical life extension. The concept is now reaching deeper levels and it is becoming clearer that human evolution, if subjected to an increasingly technological environment, will lead to the abolition of the process of ageing.


The program

09.15 registration

09.30 Introduction, Marios Kyriazis and Yiannis Laouris

09.35 Mechanisms of cancer metastasis, Panos Papageorgis, Assistant Professor, Department of Life Sciences, European University Cyprus

10.00 Telomeres in vascular ageing, Andrie Panagiotou, Cyprus University of Technology

10.30 Modular exaptation, Pierpaoplo Adriani, Associate Professor in Complexity and Innovation Management, Euromed Management (remote presentation)

11.00 The Ageing process, Stathis Gonos, National Hellenic Research Foundation

11.30 Evolutionary computation, Christos Dimopoulos, Dean, Computer Science & Engineering 2.00 Literacy and Identity Performance in Video Games, Elisavet Kiourti, University of Cyprus

12.30 Discussion and lunch

14.00 Histone H4 modifications as regulators of cellular lifespan, Diego Molina-Serrano, Dept. Biological Sciences, UCY

14.30 Whole body induced cell turnover, Franco Cortese and Giovanni Santostasi, ELPIs Foundation (remote presentation)

15.00 Do we age mentally when we stop being surprised? Loizos Michael, Computational Cognition Lab, Open University of Cyprus

15.30 Skype Q+A, discussion

16.00 Close


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