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General Facts

A discussion about a human-computer merge is available in my paper on the Global Brain, and another paper here. I explain Hormesis and how it plays a crucial role in the process of adaptation to environmental cognitive stimulation. A full discussion is available in my forthcoming eBook. A consequence of human-computer interaction is a philosophical one, that of seeking eudaimonia. It is also possible to see relevant peer-reviewed slides about healthy ageing and technoculture, and about translating laboratory research into clinical situations. Finally, a seminar about how interacting with technology can affect biological survival is also available. A practical application of the concept is registered under the EU European Innovation Programme on Active and Healthy Ageing

Below are figures which aim to clarify certain aspects of my worldview

FIGURE 1 (left)

Schematic representation of the concept of cognitive exposure and its role in eliminating ageing. Hormesis is elicited following challenges, positive stress and information exposure. It influences (partly through Hormetins) both directly and indirectly (through epigenetic mechanisms) the cell. (The concept of the ‘cell’ is better described as a ‘somatic agent’ which includes cells, molecules, genetic material and anything else that makes a human, with the exception of germline material). Environmental enrichment (EE) is also based on challenges, positive stress and information, and through both local and global mechanisms (such as the Global Brain, smart cities, Ambient Intelligence) also has an effect on the ‘cell’. This effect is modulated by social and cultural factors. The enormous evolutionary pressure placed upon the ‘cell’ results in a phase transition which shifts the priority of repair resource allocation from the germline to the soma, resulting in reduced or absent age-related functional decline. There is reciprocal influence between several elements, which provide regulatory feedback.

FIGURE 2 (above)
The interrelationship between the different elements and concepts, which are involved in the ageing process. Addressing only one or a few of these, will be ineffective in eliminating ageing. All aspects need to be considered.

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