...are a yearly brainstorming and consultation event where top-level specialists meet to discuss the multiple facets of ageing. We aim to describe in detail how a techno-cultural ecosystem is impacting on human evolution and how it may lead to a total abolition of the ageing process in participating humans. The event takes place in Larnaca, Cyprus every May and it has a worldwide online audience.


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The Indispensable Soma Hypothesis, the Law of Requisite Usefulness, the Noeme, and all other material here are creations of Dr Marios Kyriazis. Copyright reserved 2016. This material may be reproduced anywhere as long as it is fully attributed to Marios Kyriazis or to this website. Some people just copy and paste my material to their own websites without proper attribution (I have examples!). This is not nice. If the material or idea is not yours, say so, and say who the author is. If you agree or disagree with something mentioned here and you want to discuss it, please contact me.