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The Fallacy of the Longevity Elixir

Those who hope that biomedical technologies will achieve a global reduction of age-related degeneration, are relying on a reductionist approach which will not have a significant impact on reducing mortality as a function of age. This is due to problems and obstacles associated with human nature, which are much more complicated than hitherto recognised. The use of biomedical rejuvenation technologies in radically reducing the impact of ageing is conceptually naive, scientifically reductionist, technologically unfeasible, and medically undeliverable.

My reasoning is explored in a paper about the impracticalities of biomedical rejuvenation therapies and another paper about the general fallacy of a radical life extension therapies.  I have also discussed the problems and obstacles of this approach. For additional information see one of my older papers, and my blog.  

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